Selection Of The Best Grease Gun

What is a grease gun?

A grease gun is a hand tool generally used in garages for the lubrication of critical automotive parts. The lubricant is applied via the grease gun through a specified aperture to a specific point, which is called a nipple or grease fitting. The grease is then transferred via the channels behind the nipple to the desired part which requires lubrication. The apertures are designed for close fittings only and ensure that the grease is applied only at the desirable points and not spread off unnecessarily. Generally, heavier and thicker variety of grease is used for the purpose. Seeing the importance of this gun, it is equally important to select the best one that not only lasts long but shows enhanced performance throughout. This article, basically a Tools insider blog, details about all of the technicalities of a grease gun and the parameters to select the best one.

The general types

Grease guns are generally of three types based on their source of power : –

  • Hand powered guns, which use a trigger mechanism to apply pressure to the spring that aids in the release of the grease
  • Hand powered guns, which uses the back pressure developed by pushing of the butt of the grease gun to pump the grease out of the aperture
  • Air powered or pneumatic guns, which uses compressed air directed to the hoses and using this air force to inject the grease out of the aperture.

The need

After knowing about the basic uses of a grease gun, the most common question that comes into the mind is why should one require the same. As a Tools insider blog, the following reasons list down the purposes for which a grease gun can be used: –

  • The grease gun makes the process of lubrication much easier and prevents getting of the hands dirty or greasy by removing the need of applying the same from hand.
  • This device ensures that the grease gets applied at the exact points and not get wasted by spreading off to the non-required portions.
  • With the lubricant getting injected to the desired portion only, the part functions to the optimal level and gives the best of the results in the performance.
  • Speed and accuracy of the part remain intact always and it never shows any compromise in its performance throughout its working lifetime.

Parameters to consider

In the market, there are a wide number of options available for the brands of grease gun to select. However, in order to get the list of the best ones, there is a set of well-defined parameters that speaks of the desirable properties one should look for while searching the best grease guns. The following lists down the required parameters to be considered: –

  • Type of grease gun decided on the basis of the complexity of the job to be done with the device. Following are some of the viable options for the same: –
  • Lever ones, which are the cheapest and use the lever mechanism to create a pressure for the release of the grease. Used particularly for light applications
  • Cordless ones, powered by batteries and used in cases where portability of the device is an important parameter.
  • Hand powered ones, where the hands perform the pumping action to build up the air pressure
  • Pistol grip ones, where the grip over the handles aid in proper holding and can be used by both the left-handed and the right-handed operators
  • Pneumatic ones, that use compressed air for the working mechanism and generally are used for heavy-duty applications and on industrial levels.
  • The amount of lubrication required in the part, as this is an indicative feature to decide the aperture size for the gun and hence also shows the extent of the application of the device.
  • The ease of use, according to the convenience of the operator so that it provides the highest level of comfort, ease of handling and more time in the operation of the same.
  • Detailed study of the technical specifics of the gun, to easily understand the type of gun that is suitable for a particular application and hence can also determine the maximum pressure which is an indication of its performance.
  • Warranty of the device, i.e. having a good warranty period from the manufacturer so that in case of any non-human damage it can get rectified easily without incurring any additional costs.

The best ones

Based on the above-mentioned parameters, the following are some of the popular brands of the grease guns in the year 2018 : –

  • Lumax LX 1152 Heavy duty deluxe – Considered to be the one topping the list, its popularity rose primarily due to its sturdy construction of 18- gauge stainless steel. It is the perfect example of a device at a low cost but providing the best of the performance for the long years to come. Its super affordability, air bleeder valve, working pressure ranges, lock and sturdy design have worked altogether in making it a popular choice for the year.
  • DEWALT Li-Ion Grease Gun – Its high working pressure and high volume of air handling capacity have added to its popularity for the year. The battery for the same is powerful enough to sustain for longer times. The flexibility in the number of filters available, type of motor used, 42-inch hose and high volume handling capacity has worked in its rise towards the best brand.
  • Lincoln 1162 Air Operated – The best of the pneumatic gun, it is the ideal one for heavy duty applications. Its design that reduces the cases of air bleeding, automatic trigger system, one-year warranty and high working pressure are the factors that have made this design quite popular in use and in the market for the year 2018.
  • Plews Standard duty – Used for medium level applications, some of its features that have attracted a large number of customers include the greater flexibility in use, 14-ounce cartridge aiding in easy use and sufficient torque to allow the operation of the device at ease without many

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