Guide on buying the best kitchen faucet

A kitchen faucet is a must have in every modern kitchen, but more important is their overall design. A kitchen faucet should not look like a 70s model. Instead, it should add beauty and glamor to your kitchen. Of course, every homeowner has his mind, so they will decide which features are most important to them.

If you are still searching for a kitchen faucet, you should take the time to read these comprehensive Kitchen Faucet Guides before you begin your shopping adventure.

High Arch

The high-arch model has turned out to be very popular. Many consumers prefer this style to the traditional model as they pay more attention to their sink. For this style to work immensely, it has to be swiveled 360 degrees, especially if you have a double sink. This swivel allows full access to the two basins, so you can use both without compromising.

The number of handles:

This should be a matter of preference, considering that there are people who want separate cold and hot controls, while others prefer a single lever that controls both flow temperature and flow rate. The number of handles can also determine the style and appearance of the faucet. You can choose to match your individual preferences regarding functionality and appearance.

Spout height:

This feature determines the range of your faucet and how comfortable you are with it. It is recommended to choose a tap whose outlet height is neither too long nor too short. It ensures that the faucet fits well into the existing sink. For those with a built-in spray bar, look at the distance at which you can move the wand, as it determines the range.

The spout and range of the faucet can also learn the overall look or look of the faucet, so keep that in mind. If you get it right with the height and reach of the faucet spout, you will have a functional and beautiful fit.

Pull-down sprayer

The pull-down sprayer is a convenient feature, and it provides proper storage while eliminating the need for an extra side spray. The low-pressure syringe should be integrated with strong magnets so that they can be gently and securely attached and loosened. If it does not have a magnetic mechanism, the sprayer will not be securely connected, which would make the entire faucet a loss of investment. While many homeowners do not even use this feature, it still offers a luxurious style and appeal.

Finish and material:

Kitchen faucets were made for years in chrome surfaces. Today, however, various other equipment materials are used for the same. These include bronze, nickel and stainless steel surfaces for a unique and impressive appearance. Consider the durability when choosing the finish. For example, PVD surfaces are corrosion, scratch resistant, and offer surfaces that have been as good as new for many years.

The inner construction is usually made of brass. There are tube and cast brass options with the cast being thicker and stronger, but both are equally good. The valves and how they are coated can determine their functionality, especially when dealing with hot and cold controls. Therefore, the water temperature is also an important factor in shopping.

The technology:

Unlike traditional faucets, which require manual operation, the new technology offers minimal touch technology while others are entirely non-contact. They are automatic and make them more practical in the kitchen. The way you settle for determines the type of energy needed to function, and this should be a consideration.

Price tag

You will get many models on the market, but none of them are comparable to Delta and Moen. These two manufacturers are constantly producing high-quality fittings with new technology and design. While these models are a bit costly than the competitor’s brand, their durability, reliability, and longevity are unmatched. If you look at the comprehensive warranty that is included in Delta and Moen products, it is not difficult to understand why the price is a bit higher. This is not to mention the unlimited benefits offered by their branded products.

Installation process

If you have used older models, you definitely recall how complicated the installation procedure is. Housekeepers could try to install the faucet for 2-3 hours, but many times, they left with a leaky faucet.

This is a thing of the past because many valve manufacturers are working diligently to develop a new process. An installation process that provides convenience and time efficiency will smooth things down with the husband of the house.

Concluding thoughts

When you buy a new kitchen faucet, you should first do thorough research and read through variety of Kitchen Faucet Guides. Always set aside some time to go through the customer reviews for each model, as these comments contain a possession of information that will facilitate the decision-making process.

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