Grow Your Plants Anywhere You Wish With Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Light is the essence of life. We see because of light. When Thomas Edison realized that we can make light with out wasting our supply of sun, he invented the light bulb. The invention was the start of our digitalized world. Because without light, there is no world. The main use of the sunlight is to grow plants that are the source of food and nutrition to every being on earth. Without sunlight, there is no life. So, the bulb produced light that helped us brighten our nights, the basement, underground labs and railway stations, and technically, everything. So, this source of artificial light, can this help grow plants too? The idea might seem flabbergasting and unbelievable. Man made light cannot be used to grow life. But, it is possible. We have been using this artificial form of light for decades to grow a variety of plants at our basements, green houses, etc. After all, it does possess all the qualities sunlight does. So, are there any special lights that will help you achieve this task?

The stress relieving plant

As a form of relaxation and to take a break from our chaos filled life, we wish to go on a long vacation or to take time off to discover ourselves. But, majority of the people are poor and cannot afford the vacations or missing work. So, they resort to cheap liquor, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and weed. These are easily and abundantly available. And the best part? They are cheap. They help you forget all your problems and provide you with a high that is only satisfied when you keep doing it. It makes you delirious and happy. The dopamine is a very strong chemical indeed. For teenagers, weed and alcohol are personal favorites. We see a multitude just smoking up on the weekends or over the holidays. But, buying it can be very expensive all the time. You can’t put all the hard-earned money you get from doing various jobs on buying a small amount of it. So, the best option? You can grow cannabis yourself. And how do you do that? With full spectrum LED grow lights, of course.

About the life givers

Light is mandatory to grow weed. So, what kind of full spectrum LED grow lights is better? LED grow lights are preferred to others in the market due to their efficiency to remain stable and strong for a long time, the holding of the light over the plants can be customized to fit your necessity, they consume less electricity than others which makes them ideal. If you wan to buy a product, you have to know the shelf life. The shelf life of full spectrum LED grow lights is long, and this saves you the time and money to replace them sooner unlike the rest. If the lights go out in the middle of the light, the chances are it won’t grow. So, LED grow lights really outdid themselves in this aspect. And their best feature that sets them apart? They consume less heat and arrive with built-in fans. This saves you the trouble for finding and buying external fans. They also regulate the room temperature to suit your conditions. They are eco friendly and might be a little costly than the traditional HD lightning, but, they save you money and time in the long run.

The parameters to be considered

There are numerous full spectrum LED grow lights in the market. But, there are a few common elements in all of them based on which they are judged.

  • Wattage: To buy lights, the first parameter to be considered is the wattage. Wattage is the consumption of energy over some time. The greater the wattage, the greater energy, the better grow light.
  • The Full spectrum LED grow lights are expensive, but they also help in better growth and regulation for the entire cycle.
  • The area of coverage is another important factor to be taken into consideration. If you want to make optimum use of the grow lights, keeping them next to each other is the best option
  • The higher the angle of placement of the full spectrum LED grow light, the more area it covers. If the grow lights are set up in a lower angle, then they cover only a small patch of the plants and that is inefficient. The types which are equipped with medium angles provide a better pitch.
  • As mentioned before, the shelf life is vital. And the ones which offer better services and longer life are preferred.
  • The cheaper ones might be preferred over the costlier ones, but they might also have a low shelf life.

The best Grow Lights

  1. Marshydo Reflector 960W Full spectrum LED grow lights: The size is moderate and can therefore be used for heavy growths too. Since the models are available on a lower wattage, it can also be used to grow lower plantations. It is double special. There is a two-year warranty and a reasonable shelf life. You get the best of all parameters. Hence, slightly costlier.
  2. Advanced Platinum series P900 900W LED Grow light: Comes with a voltage adjustment option which makes it different from others. It has a unique cooling system. Since the LED’s are made of platinum, we get the optimum conditions- five-year warranty and three times the normal brightness. It is the most expensive on the market and is recommended for professionals.
  3. G8LED 600 MEGA LED grow light: it radiates ultraviolet and infrared rays. Reasonably cheap, covers larger areas and has good penetrating power.
  4. Advanced platinum series P600: It has the best of the absolute best. As the name suggest, three times the normal brightness, four times better fans, largest shelf life and is equipped with bloom switches.

Full spectrum LED grow lights could be a little costly if you want to grow your plants at optimum conditions with the best care. The cheaper ones might take you longer. Buy the best to grow the best.

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