Facial cleansing and acne treatment

Most of us have suffered, at one time or another, the effects of acne. More than 80% of the population, between the onset of puberty and well into adulthood, has experienced this inflammatory disease. The medical term for these defects is common acne also known as acne vulgaris and is a common condition of the skin, caused by changes in the pilosebaceous unit. These units are the structures of the skin consisting of a hair follicle and the associated sebaceous gland. The changes produced are caused by the stimulation of the androgen, which is a steroid hormone, such as testosterone. This condition takes the form of cutaneous eruptions, both inflammatory (in its most severe forms) and non-inflammatory. The acne vulgaris tends to affect more seriously skin areas with a higher density of sebaceous follicles. These areas usually include the face, upper chest and back. Acne treatment Singapore is so far the best!

The acne lesions are commonly referred to as pimples, blemishes, blackheads, acne and pimples or simply in some cases cause permanent scarring. Skin cleansing, also known as facial hygiene, is an indispensable routine both for hygiene and to keep the skin of the face more luminous. External factors, such as environmental pollution, and internal factors, such as stress or tobacco, the passage of time and makeup, make our skin lose its vitality. If we do not take care of it, its appearance deteriorates and loses the freshness of youth. And, obviously, it also gets dirty.

Why does the skin get dirty?

The sebaceous glands produce a fatty substance called sebum, which empties on the surface of the skin, through the orifices of the polysebaceous follicles. Many times this sebum along with bacteria and cells plug the opening of the mouth of the skin, they accumulate in the pores and form blackheads, pimples and imperfections in the skin. The dark colour of the open granites does not have to do with the lack of hygiene; it is the consequence of the deposit of a pigment (melanin). To avoid the normal evolutionary progression of granite, it is vital to cleanse the skin. But not only that: it is also necessary to perform it before any other facial treatment to obtain a better result.

The type of skin is important

Before performing professional facial cleansing, our professionals will evaluate your skin type to adjust the treatment to your needs.

  1. Dry skin: hardly has impurities, is usually tight and tends to the formation of scales and wrinkles. The pores, in general, are not very noticeable, the surface of the skin looks dull and dehydrated.
  2. Oily skin: it is characterized by large and open pores. The skin is thick, its surface is moist and has good hydration.
  3. The mixed skin: it is usually fat in the “T” area of the face while in the cheekbones it is rough and tight.

From there, it is time to perform facial cleansing, which will significantly improve the health and appearance of your skin. Let’s see acne treatment singapore step by step.

Step 1: cleaning

To begin, remove the remains of makeup and impurities that may have your skin.

Step 2: exfoliation (peeling)

We disincrustate the deepest impurities, by means of a peeling or exfoliation!

Step 3: ozone steam

We open the pores and blackheads, to soften the comedones and microcysts with the help of ozone vapour. This makes the difference when it comes to treating the skin better. That’s why when you extract black spots at home, it costs more and is much more aggressive and painful than when we do it in acne treatment Singapore

Step 4: extraction

We remove the unwanted black spots without damaging the skin, with care, care and expertise.

Step 5: high frequency

After the extraction, we close the pores, we cauterize and oxygenate the skin, to decongest and deflate it. Because, although we have all the care and delicacy of the world, with any process of facial hygiene the skin tires and suffers a little!

Step 6: facial massage

At acne treatment Singapore a make an extensive and pleasant massage on the face, neck and neckline to restore the smoothness to your skin, and for you to relax.

Step 7: mask

The last step is to nourish the skin. For this, we apply the most suitable mask to the type of skin based on natural active ingredients to rebalance it and make you feel good.

What do you get with a professional facial cleaning?

After performing a professional facial cleaning in you get your skin is smooth, smooth, and completely clean, like the actresses of the movies. And there is a remarkable change: your skin changes from being off, dry or too greasy, to being like porcelain: soft, shiny and healthy. After the exfoliation, if we like to remove the pimples and black spots, it is the only time allowed. If we do it at any other time, we will hurt the skin and create more infections.


  • A homemade facial cleaning does not replace a professional facial hygiene.
  • The frequency of facial hygiene depends on each type of skin, but it is recommended that it be carried out, at least, one with each change of season. If you want to know when your skin needs a deep cleaning, based on your own facial evidence and not on the calendar, click here.
  • You must not extract the black dots yourself because when you squeeze the face you can become inflamed and injured.
  • Each type of skin requires daily care with specific cosmetic products that are better adapted to each need. It is advisable to use cosmetic products, either moisturizers or makeup, oil-free and hypoallergenic, to prevent more black spots from arising and irritating the skin.
  • A good daily hydration prevents ageing and provides elasticity to the skin.

So you know: if you want to renew your facial image, come to acne treatment Singapore to have a full facial cleansing and acne treatment Singapore to leave a face. In addition, if you wish you can enjoy on the same occasion our wide range of facials available. Ask for acne treatment singapore and we will tell you which one best fits you.

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