America’s hollow foreign policy debate

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy, unless you’re completely fed up with the mendacious bullshit questionable arguments of America’s political partisans. The National Interest’s editors are always a little more tolerant of me than I deserve; they ask for a few thousand words . . . Continue reading →

Discussing Ukraine (and other things) on

As if they didn’t learn the last time, Jack and Bob had me back on Sunday evening to talk about Ukraine and U.S. foreign policy. We’re in casual clothes for a Sunday night, and you can find it here: The Macro Tourist . . . Continue reading →

Syria and The Myth of the Exit Strategy

In a recent article for War on the Rocks, Peter Munson expanded on a debate I’d had with him on Twitter over intervention in Syria. WOTR generously offered me space to respond. The overall issue is that I wonder exactly what Munson . . . Continue reading →

The Syrian disaster: We can stop pretending now

There is no silence like an embarrassed silence. It’s the kind of thing you can feel hanging over everyone’s head at a social occasion, only mildly dented by the squeak of a chair or the light clatter of cutlery as people feign . . . Continue reading →