Iran and the dangers of nuclear ambiguity

So, this is a quick story about a non-story, but a real policy. And that policy is a real problem. The non-story is the exchange today between Congressman Mo Brooks, the Republican member representing Alabama’s Fifth Congressional District, and Ambassador Wendy Sherman, . . . Continue reading →

North Korea: Undeterred

The North Koreans — as everyone with a seismometer already knew — have now detonated their third nuclear bomb. The usual chin-pulling about what it all means has already begun. These conclusions, of course, vary depending on the politics of the analyst: . . . Continue reading →

If the President disappears…nuke everything

If the United States is under attack and the President is killed or missing…nuke every Communist in the Northern Hemisphere by destroying the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. Even if they didn’t start it. That was pretty much the . . . Continue reading →