Cyberwar: There’s no such thing.

Two years ago this week, as another Veteran’s Day approached, I wrote: If there’s a word that’s becoming overused in national security affairs, it’s “cyber.” Not on the level of “epic fail” or other phrases, I grant you, but as a prefix, . . . Continue reading →

Why did Richard Cohen change his mind on Snowden?

It’s one thing for professional “accountability” activists like Jesselyn Radack to sing praises to Edward Snowden, especially after hugging it out with him in Moscow. I discussed that here a few days ago. So what’s Richard Cohen’s excuse?

Jesselyn Explains It All For You

Just when you think the Snowden story can’t get any dumber, or the people involved in it any more wince-inducingly idiotic, something happens to remind you that we have not yet touched bottom in this particular barrel of treasonous sludge. Exhibit A: . . . Continue reading →