Foreign policy goes into a coma

[UPDATE 3 MAR 13]  This is what I get for being behind in my reading, but Roger Cohen went on about the death of diplomacy in mid-January in the The New York Times. Cohen’s not exactly bitching about the same thing I . . . Continue reading →

How to speak Pentagon Contractor-ese

I recently gave a mountain of static to TIME magazine, Reuters, and liberals in general for their obfuscatory attacks on the English language, including the use of Orwellian euphemisms like “undocumented workers” and “Mexican youths” to refer to illegal aliens, some of . . . Continue reading →

The Anti-Pandering Vote

Last Thanksgiving, I wrote something of a jeremiad about how Americans had become a nation of whiny brats, fussing and whining (and fighting) because they can’t have everything they want right now. Like, Air Jordan sneakers. In a similar, but coincidental, vein . . . Continue reading →

“Checkbook Security” explained

When people talk about how “we can’t afford that much security” or how “expensive defenses cost,” they usually don’t know what they’re talking about — or at least what the kinds of tradeoffs are involved. My colleague Nick Gvosdev has a good . . . Continue reading →