Cyberwar: There’s no such thing.

Two years ago this week, as another Veteran’s Day approached, I wrote: If there’s a word that’s becoming overused in national security affairs, it’s “cyber.” Not on the level of “epic fail” or other phrases, I grant you, but as a prefix, . . . Continue reading →

South Korea misidentified cyber-attack: Oops

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I don’t like terms like “cyber-attack.” As the international press has reported: In an embarrassing twist to a coordinated cyberattack on six major South Korean companies this week, investigators said Friday they wrongly identified a . . . Continue reading →

Letters from Abbottabad: Guest comment by Jessica Huckabey

Almost every time a terrorist lair gets wiped out by U.S. or allied forces, we find the usual detritus of the 21st century jihadi: flash drives, laptops, CDs (and of course, porn). Those records are then transported to various intelligence agencies for . . . Continue reading →