Role of the National Security Council in the United States of America

In the United States of America, unlike the other countries, the republican model of government is run. They do not follow the practices that are under the parliamentarian model of government. In that case, the President is always the deciding authority of the affairs of the government, and he requires a strong apex body that will comprise of an advisory committee. This committee will guide him on the rules and regulations that the state has to follow with regard to security issues and other foreign policy affairs. This is the reason behind the formation of the National Security Council of the United States of America. The NSC is also chaired by the respective Presidents during their tenure. So here we will see in detail about the inception of the council and its role in the US government.

National security counsil

Formation of the National Security Council:

The National Security Council of the United States of America came into existence in the year 1947. However, the same task was carried out by National Intelligence Agency in the financial year 1946-1947. After the NIA was dissolved, the NSC came into the picture. Along with the President, the affairs of the National Security Council were headed by a National Security Advisor and other chief officers who govern different heads of the council.

Role of National Security Council:

  • Though the NSC was proposed with a proper act that is the National Security Act of 1947, the role of NSC goes through significant changes depending on the then President, who will also be the head of the council and will preside over the affairs.
  • The main reason for why NSC came into existence is because of the sour relationship that the United States had with the Soviet Union. In order to avoid further rubbing and to promote the relationship that the US had with other countries, the National Security Council came into existence.
  • As we stated earlier, Presidents used NSC differently in their respective reign. Some of the strategies adopted by the Presidents gave the nation a better stand in the global arena. Unlike the other Presidents before and after his tenure, John.F.Kennedy used the NSC quite differently. Instead of bringing the whole council under his guidance and looking for their advice, Kennedy in his tenure decided to bring the Advisor as his close aide and had the others out of their way. The council rarely met in the tenure of President John.F.Kennedy.
  • The National Security Council played a significant role in settling the mess that happened in America after the World War II and the Great Economic Depression the struck America in the year 1921. Roosevelt, who the President then, had a diplomatic way of seeing it. Though it redeemed the nation from the issues it went through back then, the nation didn’t see a clear development. As a relief to all these issues came the National Security Council.
  • It took care of the safety and security of its subjects also at the same time it enhanced the foreign policy that prevailed in the US.
  • Even today, it is the NSC that takes care of the foreign policies that are prevailing and protects the nation from other internal and external security issues. The National Security Council works along with CIA in order to keep the peace and harmony of the country intact.

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