Your favorite songs — about nuclear war

I go away for a week on vacation (my birthday was lovely and Vegas was delightful, thank you), and look what happens: the Norks launch an ICBM and Assad starts launching SCUDs. I can’t turn my back on these people for one minute.

So now that I’m back, let’s start with something more cheery: songs about nuclear war.

Michael Krepon, co-founder of the Stimson Center and well-known arms control veteran, runs an annual contest over at Arms Control Wonk. In the spirit of the holiday season, the challenge is for readers to send in their favorite song lyrics about the Bomb, or lyrics they’ve altered, MAD-magazine style, to be about the Bomb.

This year, I’m honored to join the panel as one of the guest judges, and have provided a few examples to get things started, which you can see on Michael’s blog here. The prizes are provided by Michael — hey, free books, don’t knock it — so keep those cards and letters coming.

Nuance is the soul of metal.

You’re not going to get a lot of points for the obvious stuff like “Christmas at Ground Zero,” so finding interesting or heretofore undiscovered songs is a plus. (Let’s see if anyone digs up the song by a certain British Invasion band known for bubble-gummy lyrics that went unreleased for 40 years.)

Also, being really, really funny helps. Creativity is key.

Here’s the link to the contest. Do me proud, War Roomers.

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    • Actually, Morrissey wrote a song based on “On the Beach,” called “Every Day is Like Sunday.” It was covered again later by The Pretenders for the soundtrack of “Pirate Radio.” It’s great.

  1. Threads as to an instructors choice by the way made the number one slot of best nuclear war movies of all time.
    “There is absolutely no hope or happiness in this movie whatsoever. All is destruction, death, and terrible decline of what remains,” was the reviewers remark.