Tactical Nuclear Weapons And NATO

The Brookings Institution

The podcast of yesterday’s discussion at the Brookings Institution on Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons and NATO (with Amb. Steve Pifer, Jeff Mccausland, Leo Michel, me, and Malcolm Chalmers) is available online here. (I discuss the Russian view.)

The overall theme was the issue of NSNW as NATO approaches its summit in Chicago next month. With a lot on NATO’s plate — like Afghanistan — and elections looming in the U.S. and France, there’s not much likelihood that the Alliance leadership will be tackling this issue this year, or anytime soon (maybe), which is unfortunate.

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One comment

  1. It is unfortunate, as we are on autopilot with those things as it stands, although, on the flip side of that, when you are on autopilot, the incentive might be to to try to accomplish less with very subtle little hints too, on the brighter side of things.