Two upcoming Washington events: tactical nukes, and military education

And they make a nice gift for any occasion.

For those of you interested in nuclear weapons, and especially tactical nuclear arms in Europe, I’m headed to DC to participate in an event at the Brookings Institution on Monday.  You can find the full program here.

The morning session will be moderated by Ambassador Steven Pifer of Brookings, who also penned this article about the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago this May, and the role of tactical nuclear arms in the Alliance, in which he said:

“Expectations on nuclear issues for the summit should be modest. NATO leaders will almost certainly reiterate the need for transparency on U.S. and Russian non-strategic [i.e., tactical] nuclear weapons, call for those weapons to be relocated away from the NATO-Russia border (a call that would fall predominately on the Russian side), and restate that those weapons should be included in the next round of U.S.-Russian nuclear negotiations.

None of this will break dramatic new ground. It will leave unanswered questions about the future of NATO’s nuclear posture and the presence of U.S. nuclear weapons in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey. Although allies agree that they will take no unilateral decisions, there is an elephant in the room … or lurking out in the hallway: the German air force is in the process of replacing its nuclear-capable Tornado aircraft with the Eurofighter, which is not capable of delivering nuclear weapons.”

The afternoon session will be moderated by Clara O’Donnell, and will center on a broader discussion of NATO and deterrence after the May summit.

Another event taking place in Washington also features my War College colleagues Mac Owens and Joan Johnson-Freese. Mac will be moderating a panel on the reform of military education, sponsored by the Foreign Policy Research Institute on “The Future of Professional Military Education” on April 18 at the Reserve Officer’s Association in downtown DC. The schedule is here.

The panel will include journalist Tom Ricks and former Army War College commandant General Robert Scales (ret), who will all be discussing a provocative article written by Joan and published in Orbis (which I blogged about here when it came out) titled “The Reform of Military Education: Twenty Five Years Later.” (Article PDF available here.)

Both promise to be interesting events. The Brookings event coincides with the release of a book (edited by myself, Douglas Stuart, and Jeffrey Mccausland) on tactical nuclear arms and NATO to be released publicly soon by the U.S. Army Strategic Studies Institute.Joan’s article willl also be released this fall as a full-length book from Routledge. (Joan is donating the proceeds from the book to the Wounded Warrior Project.)

A busy few days in DC for people interested in nuclear arms, military education, or both.

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