Anna Chapman, Take Two. (Sorry).

Und vee sucked in Ze Vore Room vis dis story, too, Herr Doktor.

So now Wired’s “Danger Room” is having to back down from the Anna Chapman “spy who shagged me” story, as it now turns out the British press — shocking! — made too much out of the FBI’s comments. According to Wired’s Spencer Ackerman:

The FBI tells Danger Room that its top counterintelligence official was misquoted in a British newspaper about sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman attempting to sexually entice one of President Obama’s cabinet officials.

Judge for yourself. In one portion of the BBC documentary, Figliuzzi says, “We were getting very concerned. They [the Russian spies] were getting close enough to a sitting U.S. cabinet member that we thought we could no longer allow this to continue.”

About 10 minutes later, in a conversation about Chapman, Figliuzzi adds: “She was getting closer and closer to higher and higher ranking leadership…. She got close enough to disturb us.”

Figliuzzi never says anything specifically about seduction in his BBC interview. He only mentions that a rather seductive agent managed to get “closer and closer to higher and higher ranking leadership.” There’s no direct talk of sexytime, with a cabinet secretary or anyone else.

 ABC News and other sources bouncing around the blogosphere are now saying that Comrade Bunny was getting a little too close to some kind of financier who was trying to get close to Secretary of State Clinton, but the details have now made my eyes glaze over, since the whole Chapman story now turns out to be just some inventive British journalism.

But wait…the Brits, sexing up a story? Nah. Good thing I’m not the gullible type. *cough*

(Note to self: Stick to nuclear bombs, Putin, and war, and wait a few days before jumping on a story that seems too perfect to be true.)


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  1. On the bright side, Tom, there’s always Pussy Riot updates to liven up discussions! 🙂

    (Gotta love the usually staid Financial Times’ headlines such as “Pussy Riot dig claws into Putin”)

  2. That’s Ivan. All fun and games, 99/100 per cent of the time. There is a great story about the Cuban Missile Crisis, where Ivan sent his “cultural envoys” out to see if there were troop movements and such, followed of course by the FBI. After they discouraged a “county mounty” from pulling over and shooting Ivan, the Russians got lost in the Virginia woods. The agents followed them for hours and hours, thinking it was a trick, until they got hungry, pulled Ivan over, and said, “Follow us.”
    Just like you said about the wolf and the sheepdog clocking in to play their game.