Syria arms chemical weapons — maybe

Rolling the dice?

According to the Turkish paper Zeman, Syria has armed 600 chemical warheads. Whether they’ve really done this is unclear; so far only the Turkish report is out there.

If true, it could mean Syria’s government is so desperate that it’s trying to implement a kind of doomsday mechanism, with the implication that if the Assad regime goes down, all hell will break loose and war will erupt with Turkey — and by extension, NATO.

This may also be a reaction to the United Nations finally calling the situation in Syria a “civil war,” especially since at this point, with over 5,000 dead, it’s hard to describe it as anything else.

I don’t think the Syrian chems will, or should, matter one way or another, unless the Syrian regime has completely gone mad — which I doubt. Of course, if the Syrians start using them against their own people, the trigger for humanitarian intervention is going to be hard to ignore. Given the stupidity of the regimes that have fallen in the past six months, nothing is impossible, but so far, this one is in the “maybe” category.

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One comment

  1. I thought it was well-established they had Russian “super VX” on missiles, as their quasi-nuclear deterrent, but maybe I read that wrong. That reactor was an interesting move, which the Turks didn’t like very much.
    Hopefully Assad’ s not thinking Muammar was too soft, although could be.