An “Obama Doctrine?” Hopefully not.

Fareed Zakaria is right that Libya was a success, but he then lays out four conditions for repeating that success here. The only problem is that Libya was too perfect, and we might never get those conditions again. I hope we’re not . . . Continue reading →

Once, shame on you, twice….

Sen. Schumer introduced a bill today to prevent aid to Libya until the Lockerbie bomber is re-arrested. One of many things the transitional government can do to start saying “thank you” to NATO. (h/t to John Schindler)

Libya, Phase IV: CYA

I’ve known Rajan Menon for a long time, and he’s one of the smartest guys around when it comes to the hard-nosed realities of international politics. But in today’s National Interest, he’s pursuing a line that increasingly is being taken by the . . . Continue reading →

Left, Right, and Libya

The Libyan rebels have given Colonel Qaddafi five days to surrender — or as I look at the clock: four, now. The Libyan operation has gone about as well as could be hoped for — so why is everyone so glum? Yes, . . . Continue reading →