Coming in February 2017: “The Death of Expertise,” the book




I had no idea, when I first wrote “The Death of Expertise” as a blog post here, that it would go viral. It was picked up by The Federalist, and was the most-read post of its first year in publication. (And when I say “most-read,” I mean a lot of views.) I started getting letters from all over the world, including requests to republish it or translate it into other languages.

And now, thanks to Oxford University Press, it’s ready! Thanks to everyone who read it, tweeted it, posted it, and translated it, because it’s been a great few years of discussion with you.

The table of contents looks like this, if you’re curious. You can order the book at your favorite bookstore, and of course here at Amazon.


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The Trump Archive


I’ve written a lot of pieces about Trump since last year, and lately I’ve had a lot of folks on Twitter and elsewhere asking me for links. So I’m gathering up all of my pieces about Trump right here, in one handy post.

As you can tell, I have deep concerns about a man I think is unfit to be president. Here’s what I’ve written, with the most recent pieces first. You can lodge your cheers and jeers where I live on Twitter:  @RadioFreeTom

Separator2_900_900Trump as Commander in Chief? No: The New York Daily News, September 2016

In which I noted that Trump’s comments on his responsibilities with the nuclear arsenal sounded like “the regurgitated remnants of a briefing on nuclear weapons, only fragments of which remained in his mind like random bits of fluff stuck to a lint roller.”

Separator2_900_900Never Trump Confidential: The New York Times Magazine, July 2016

What’s it like to be a “Never Trump Republican?” Why do I feel this way? I explain it here in a longer piece.

Separator2_900_900I’m Staying in the GOP: The Federalist, July 2016

Like John McClane in Nakatomi Plaza, I’m not leaving the Party of Lincoln just because some thugs have taken it over for now. I quit the party in 2012, and I shouldn’t have; I came back to oppose Trump.

Separator2_900_900Trump Whitewashes Working Class Woes: The New York Daily News, June 2016

White is the new black: Trump makes condescending excuses for drugs and illegitimacy that no conservative would ever have accepted — until they were applied to whites.

Separator2_900_900Clinton Is Right: Trump Cannot Be Commander In Chief: The New York Daily News, June 2016

How hard was it for me to agree with Hillary Clinton? Painfully so. But she’s right: Trump is not qualified, in any way, to be Commander in Chief.

Separator2_900_900Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech Was Gobbledygook: The New York Daily News, April 2016

The worst foreign policy speech by a major candidate ever, although Ann Coulter thought it was the best since Washington’s Farewell Address. I am not making that up.

Separator2_900_900If I Lose Friends Over Trump, So Be It: The Federalist, April 2016

Speaks for itself, really.
Separator2_900_900I’ll Take Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump: The Federalist, February 2016.

This is the one that gives the Trump fanatics palpitations, not least because I called them “Star-struck, low-information celebrity cultists.” Because they are.

Separator2_900_900Ignore Michael Dougherty’s Defense of Donald Trump, The Federalist, February 2016

This is where I objected to Dougherty using my hometown of Chicopee as an example of why the white working class has sympathy for Trump.Separator2_900_900How Facebook Envy Fuels Donald Trump, The Federalist, February 2016

“Look past Trump’s public monkeyshines,” I wrote in this one, “and find one emotion that especially motivates his supporters: envy. Or, to use a more evocative French term, it is ressentiment, the need to blame others for one’s own frustration and circumstances….Talk to Trump supporters anywhere and it comes out almost immediately, this measuring of one’s life against others that feeds a constant sense of injury.”Separator2_900_900How The PC Police Propelled Donald Trump, The Daily Beast, January 2016

This one gave liberals the vapors because I said they created the fertile ground in which Trumpism grew. Many of them, including the usual hyperventilators at Salon, were incensed that I laid off any of Trump on the American Left. But to his credit, Kevin Drum at Mother Jones suggested that I might in fact have a point.
Separator2_900_900Donald Trump, the Hipster Candidate, The Federalist, August 2015.

The grand-daddy of them all, where I said Trumpism “isn’t a partisan problem, it’s a symptom of broad cultural dysfunction.”
Separator2_900_900Enjoy. At this rate, the Clinton family will be in the White House until 2050.



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Assessing the Iran Deal

Tom lookIn late September, I was on a panel hosted by Brown University’s Watson Center on “Assessing the Iran Deal.”

You can see how I feel about the “deal” by the look on my face.

If you’d like to see the entire talk, including comments from Nobel Laureate Leon Cooper, former Dept of Commerce appointee Sue Eckert, Prof. Nick Murray, and physicist Derek Stein, all moderated by Ambassador Richard Boucher, you can see it on YouTube here.

My favorite moment (which you can find in the Q and A) is when Professor Cooper said: Well, if Iran pulls out 0f the deal, there’s always Israeli military action. Such is the state we’ve come to in American foreign policy, but judge for yourself:


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