Coming in February 2017: “The Death of Expertise,” the book




I had no idea, when I first wrote “The Death of Expertise” as a blog post here, that it would go viral. It was picked up by The Federalist, and was the most-read post of its first year in publication. (And when I say “most-read,” I mean a lot of views.) I started getting letters from all over the world, including requests to republish it or translate it into other languages.

And now, thanks to Oxford University Press, it’s ready! Thanks to everyone who read it, tweeted it, posted it, and translated it, because it’s been a great few years of discussion with you.

The table of contents looks like this, if you’re curious. You can order the book at your favorite bookstore, and of course here at Amazon.


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That’s a wrap! The War Room is closed. (In other words: No, you can’t fight in here any more.)

It’s been over five years and hundreds of posts, and it’s time to shutter this project. I haven’t been here for a while, as you might have noticed, since I’m doing a lot of writing now for The Federalist, The New York Daily News, The Daily Beast, The National Interest, and a few other places. And with The Death of Expertise about to come out, I’ll be working on that, along with whatever that next book project is. (Don’t tell my wife. I said I’d take some down time once Death of Expertise was finished.) That means I haven’t been putting content here, so it’s time to turn out the lights.

The site will be here for most of 2017, but I won’t be adding anything new. At some point, I’ll get around to taking it all down, but for now, we’ll just throw some sheets over the furniture and leave things here while I head out into the desolation of the Commonwealth.

Thanks to everyone who read, and who followed me over to Twitter and into the many other magazines and papers I write for now. This was a great time, a place to air a lot of thoughts and work through some ideas. Your feedback was really helpful, and I’m glad I was able to provide a place — I hope — for some reasonable argument and discussion. This is where some of my most popular pieces, including “The Death of Expertise” and “The Revenge of Lost Boys” first appeared (in rough formats, since bloggers don’t have competent editors), and your responses to them were key to shaping them up for later publication.

I’ll open up a Facebook “author” page shortly. It’s under construction at @DeathofExpertise on Facebook, but there isn’t much there yet. Also, the “” email will no longer get a response; if you need to reach me, you can find me this way:


Twitter: @RadioFreeTom

Phone:   shya

Once again, thanks to everyone who came by and read over these five years. I hope to continue the conversation with you.

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So, what is it you professors do all day, anyway?

A cheap shot, really. Satan works for a living.

I shall now speak in defense of my profession. Like all academic papers, this one is going to be long, but bear with me. Think of it as assigned reading.

What moved me to to do this was a gratuitous shot taken at college professors by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and the ill-tempered and ill-advised response it generated from a University of Wisconsin professor named John Sharpless. Continue reading →

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