Coming in 2016: “The Death of Expertise,” the book


Nichols_DeathOfExpertiseI had no idea, when I first wrote “The Death of Expertise” as a blog post here, that it would go viral. It was picked up by The Federalist, and was the most-read post of its first year in publication. (And when I say “most-read,” I mean a lot of views.) I started getting letters from all over the world, including requests to republish it or translate it into other languages.

And now, thanks to Oxford University Press, it’s going to appear as a book. (Assuming I sit down and actually write the darn thing, of course.) So, thanks to everyone who read it, tweeted it, posted it, and translated it, because it’s been a great year or so of discussion with you. If you have more anecdotes to share, don’t hesitate to post them or mail them to me.

In the meantime, I’ll be slogging away on the book, which if all goes well should appear in mid to late 2016. Until then, activity here on the blog will be a tad light, but if you’re looking for new pieces by me, check my usual haunts at The Federalist, The National Interest, and even a new piece at The Daily Beast.

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The Trump Archive


I’ve written a lot of pieces about Trump since last year, and lately I’ve had a lot of folks on Twitter and elsewhere asking me for links. So I’m gathering up all of my pieces about Trump right here, in one handy post.

As you can tell, I have deep concerns about a man I think is unfit to be president. Here’s what I’ve written, with the most recent pieces first. You can lodge your cheers and jeers where I live on Twitter:  @RadioFreeTom

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Assessing the Iran Deal

Tom lookIn late September, I was on a panel hosted by Brown University’s Watson Center on “Assessing the Iran Deal.”

You can see how I feel about the “deal” by the look on my face.

If you’d like to see the entire talk, including comments from Nobel Laureate Leon Cooper, former Dept of Commerce appointee Sue Eckert, Prof. Nick Murray, and physicist Derek Stein, all moderated by Ambassador Richard Boucher, you can see it on YouTube here.

My favorite moment (which you can find in the Q and A) is when Professor Cooper said: Well, if Iran pulls out 0f the deal, there’s always Israeli military action. Such is the state we’ve come to in American foreign policy, but judge for yourself:


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