Analysis of PokemonGo since its entry to the gaming world two years ago

How PokemonGo has been fairing since its inception

You simply live in a hole or aren’t a social media maniac if you got no idea on what pokemonGo game is all about. This game brought the whole gaming industry into a standstill due to the diversity that accompanied it. It is not your ordinary game that you get to play at the comfort of your living room or whatever closed doors behind you. With this one you have to be on your toes to engage it. On your toes does not mean standing but moving around holding your phone or tablet for that matter. For those not familiar with their neighborhood or town you better leave out this game for other people who are more conversant with the area they live in.

Since its launch about two years ago, PokemonGo has recorded a high number of installs and high revenue at that putting it in the big map of mobile gaming. It has been a success owing to the millions of people with access to games downloads across the world. It has attracted a good percentage of people who have never showed any interest in games before, making pokemonGo their first ever trial in gaming. That tells how much this game has been able to capture the attention of many smart phone and tablet users and that is all due to its developer’s innovativeness that was put into action while creating it.

The hype that PokemonGo game is

We all understand the kind of hype that social media is good at creating whenever a nice movie hits the cinemas or a game for this matter hits the stores. You will find that even those that have no business at all to do with games will find themselves trying to get to know more about that particular game, or watching the movie. All this is thanks to hype created around newly introduced games and movies as well. Hype is characterized by sudden mass appeal and pokemonGo perfectly fits in that definition. You can tell that when that kind of a scenario happens, public life is disrupted in many parts of the world because people are fond of giving full attention to new apps and games for that matter even if it means compromising their ideal time with family and friends.

However, pokemonGo revenue seems to have dropped since its introduction to the mobile games market back in 2016. That proves that popularity can be short lived. However despite all that, there is still a sizeable number of downloads every single day and they are to increase as the time goes by because the game is yet to be launched in some countries. That means that the game still has a long way to go in reference to its market popularity especially due to the fact that it is getting updated now and then as it continues to incorporate newer features. Adding newer features is one way to keep a game or any app stay relevant in the market and that is a tactic developers seem to be very good at.

As is the norm with most apps, PokemonGo has received very many reviews since its inception.  Most people support and agree with the idea of having youngsters spending more time outside wandering about with their screens. The fact that the game has also helped incorporating advertising by helping lay out marketing strategies targeting a lot of users in different locations is another positive review that cannot go unnoticed. How about dominating a number of small developers who have been grossing at the top of the game for too long?

How PokemonGo has brought about new gamers

Research shows that this game has been a success in bringing out new mobile game users’ who have never engaged any top mobile games before. The game has attracted a huge number of new followers across the globe making it the most popular game to ever hit the mobile gaming industry. Which mobile games developer would not want their games become popular like pokemonGo? Yes the answer is all of them and is no doubt that some developer is sweating it out day and night looking to create a game more or as popular as PokemonGo.

Some terms that you should be familiar with while playing PokemonGo

These are mostly some of the items you are likely to find in a pokestop in your encounter of finding a Pokemon. You can also get to purchase some of them from the store.

  • Camera. How do you even get to play without this? A camera is used to take the funny pictures that usually hover around the internet of Pokemon in places you least expect.
  • Egg incubator. The egg incubator helps to hatch Pokemon eggs by starting out with an unused incubator. You are then required to walk a distance enough to warm up the egg and hatch it. You can then buy some more incubators from the store as you advance to other levels.
  • Revive. This brings back Pokemon who have fainted or knocked out during a Gym scenario by restoring them back to half of their maximum HP.
  • Incense. This is one trick that helps to lure back Pokemon that had fled from the scene for 30 minutes. You can’t achieve that by walking because the Pokemon is just around.
  • Potion. It is a healing item that usually restores about 20 HP to a Pokemon.
  • Lucky egg. This does not give you a new Pokemon but it grants you double XP for 30 minutes which is still useful.
  • Storage Upgrade. Pokemon Storage Upgrade gives you 50 or more Pokemon in your collection.
  • Bag Upgrade. This allows you to carry 50 more items.

Visiting the pokestop consistently will find you plenty of free basics taking away the need of buying items. That way you get to save your PokeCoins for more important things such as storage upgrades.

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