A comfortable bathing experience with a shower chair

Comfort is something each and every individual wishes for in his or her life. An easy life which involves less human effort is always desirable. People also spend a major part of their earnings on machinery and other items that help establish a decent amount of ease in life. Nowadays, comfort is available during different processes including hygiene related activities like bathing. A shower chair is one such item used.

What is a shower chair?

A shower chair is basically a chair or seat that is used by different individuals while taking a shower. The user places this seat under a shower and then sits on with the shower on for bathing. These chairs are used by personnel who seek comfort while bathing and other physically handicapped individuals who find it extremely difficult to stand and balance themselves while having a bath. Seats of different sizes and shapes possessing different designs are available nowadays.

Perks of owning a shower chair

Some of the important benefits or advantages of owning a shower chair are as follows:

  • The shower chair ensures safety while having bath. Many a times, the bathroom floor is smooth and slippery. While having bath, with all the water collecting below, the floor becomes even more slippery and the bather is at a risk of slipping and falling, especially while standing or walking about. In case of a bathing chair, the individual sits and bathes due to which, added safety is provided. In certain cases, wheels are also provided to these chairs which make moving about in the bathroom easy and safe.
  • If each individual owns his or her own separate bathing chair and maintains its cleanliness, hygiene standards are taken care of and the user is less prone to diseases and other related infections.
  • These shower chairs can be used by adults as well as children. In case of children, they instil in them the quality of being independent in carrying out personal activities, bathing being one of them.
  • As stated earlier, a decent amount of comfort is provided and thus helps improve the quality of life and living standards.
  • It is a great blessing in disguise to the physically impaired and other people with weak legs who have problems in standing for a long time. Certain people are unable to balance themselves, which may be due to cerebral cortex related problems. In this case too the shower chair proves itself beneficial. Most of the times, arthritis patients prefer purchasing such shower seats and use them while bathing or other activities.

Types of shower chairs

There are different types of shower chairs available online or other brick and mortar markets. These chairs are classified mainly on the difference in design and other facilities provided. Some of the important types of shower chairs are as follows:

  • The most common and basic types of shower chairs available are the flat seat ones. These do not have much facilities or high comfort level. The usability or functionality is the main highlight of these chairs.
  • Some shower chairs come with commode type seats. These have dual functionality. They can be used while bathing as well as during other toiletry activities.
  • Certain chairs have the reclining facilities available for the back rest. The back rest can be reclined over different angles and straightened back up according to the user’s needs and comfort. The reclining facility is one appreciated by many people all over the world.
  • Some shower chairs are made up of materials like stainless steel. Stainless steel is a rust proof material which does not corrode very easily. It has non stick nature as well. Stainless steel is also unaffected by water.
  • Most shower chairs are made of polyvinyl chloride which is a polymer comprising of vinyl chloride as the monomers. Certain normal plastic shower chairs are also available.
  • Some shower chairs have wheels attached to their base with which the user can move from one place to another. It also helps in transporting or transferring the chair from place to place.

The most important fact that must be kept in mind is that the shower chair must not be a good conductor of electricity. The seat remains wet most of the time and if it conducts electricity, the person sitting on it or in contact with it by any other way may get an electric shock and suffer from serious injuries. Some shower chairs are adjustable where the height can be adjusted according to that of the user. While some are manufactured with arm rests, others come without. In certain cases these arm rests are adjustable and removable as well.

It is always better if the shower chair is an insulator of heat as well. If it conducts heat readily, the person sitting or using it may get a heating sensation, disrupting comfort. The user ought to check the quality of the shower chair before purchasing it. He or she may even sit on it and check the comfort level provided by the seat. Nobody would want to buy a faulty or uncomfortable seat after all!

Shower chairs or bathing chairs can be purchased from brick and mortar furniture shops or online shopping websites, which usually offer great deals and other incentives. The shower chairs come in different colours which definitely includes the entire spectrum of the vibgyor. However, people usually prefer the colours that suit or match the tile work or wall paint colour of the bathroom.

With the advancement of technology and wild spread of innovation, remote controlled shower chairs are also developed by certain companies. The remote control is mainly used to move and steer the particular chair. The entire mechanism and control system used in this amalgamation of shower chairs and technology is however, water proof or water resistant.

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